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What Do Tweenangels Do?

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Tweenangels are aged between seven to twelve years-old and they are specially trained to help make the Internet safer.

They write columns for Web sites and become expert public speakers and researchers. They work with companies like Disney, Microsoft and AOL and are trained by law enforcement agencies; their tuition includes experience in making presentations to groups of students in schools and/or at community events.

Tweenangels have even been to the House of Representatives in Washington DC, for the 2008 WiredKids Summit, where they presented their research to a powerful and influential audience.

Photograph: The Assumption School Tweenangels Chapter explain The Megan Pledge to attendees at the 2008 WiredKids Summit
The Assumption School Tweenangels Chapter
Photograph: A Tweenangel Signing a Megan Pledge Banner
The Megan Pledge

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