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Parry Aftab

Image: Parry AftabParry Aftab is a security, privacy and cyberspace lawyer, as well as an author and child advocate. Recently more than ninety percent of her time is donated to Internet issues involving children and adults, ranging from protecting children from sex crimes online to helping adults avoid identity theft and fraud online. Her main focus is teaching good cybercitizenship, especially to young people. This includes cyberbullying and responsible use of technology.

Parry is in demand as a public speaker, consultant and resource to the media worldwide. In addition, she is The Privacy Lawyer columnist for Information Week Magazine and runs a very popular Privacy Lawyer blog.

Parry is perhaps best known for combining sound practices, the law and the vision of empowering Internet and mobile users to enjoy the Internet safely, privately and responsibly.  She has acted as a consultant to most of the children's Internet industry, helping them comply with the law, while improving the Internet experience for children. When children and the Internet are concerned, Ms. Aftab's name is the first mentioned.

Parry Aftab is a worldwide leader in the area of online safety and parent and child Internet education. As Executive Director of WiredSafety, the largest online safety and educational program in cyberspace, Ms. Aftab helps prevent and investigate cybercrime. Under its former name, her group was awarded the President's Service Award in October 1998 from the White House and Points of Light Foundation. Ms Aftab also works closely with law enforcement around the world to police the Internet and is part of the Home Office CybercrimeTask Force in the UK.

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