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Earning Their Wings

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To earn their wings, Tweenangels must complete their training (luckily for them, it’s much shorter than the Teenangels training), carry out research and make presentations to others.

There are six training modules and each one has one to three lessons. After each module, the Tweenangels will be expected to write a note to Parry letting her know what they have learned and what they think. Then they carry out two CSIs (Cybersafety Investigations) where they study technology and devices, how they work and what tweens do online. If the Tweenangels are really good at doing their research, we may even post it at this site to share with others. The Tweenangels will need to deliver some presentations to other kids and parents too. They can do that as a group with the other Tweenangels in their chapter, so there's no need for them to be nervous!

Then, when they have completed all these requirements, the Tweenangels get to hold a special presentation ceremony to receive their wings. We always try and make sure that Parry, Rose or Sammy will be there to present the wings in person but, no matter what, they will be there by 'phone. The Tweenangels are encouraged to take lots of pictures that we post to our Tweenangels Scrapbook right here at the Tweenangels Web site!

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

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