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What Happens When They Reach Thirteen?

‹ Earning Their Wings

Once Tweenangels reach thirteen years of age, they can choose to continue as Teenangels.

Teenangels are thirteen to eighteen years old and the group was founded in 1999 by Parry Aftab, who personally trains most of the Teenangels herself! All Teenangels are also specially trained by their local law enforcement and many other leading safety experts, in all aspects of online safety, privacy and security. After completion of the required training, the Teenangels run unique programs in schools to spread the word about responsible and safe surfing to other teens and younger kids, parents, and teachers.

The Teenangels have met and worked with the Law Enforcement's Innocent Images Unit operatives, a New Jersey State Police Cybercrime Task Force detective who was instrumental in finding the person charged as the Melissa virus creator and the Net Nanny creator, Gordon Ross.

It was the Teenangels themselves who were instrumental in the creation of Tweenangels and encouraged Parry to create a special programme to compliment their own but for the younger demographic.

Photograph: The New Rochelle Teenangels Chapter
The New Rochelle Teenangels Chapter
Photograph: The Jacksonville Teenangels Chapter
The Jacksonville Teenangels Chapter

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