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What is Parry's Role?

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Link to more information about Parry AftabParry Aftab is an Internet privacy and security lawyer. She also writes books and articles and is a major fan of tweens! She was one of the first experts to focus on Internet safety and kids online. Parry created Tweenangels in 2005 after a woman she admired (FTC Commissioner Pamela Harbour) wanted her daughters to join Teenangels. But they were too young. That’s when Tweenangels were born! They were created six years after Teenangels, but are growing faster!

Parry created Tweenangels training. She also built the Girl Scouts of the USA cybersafety training modeled after Teenangels and Tweenangels. When anyone wants to know what tweens do online, they call Parry and, when Parry needs to learn something, she calls Tweenangels! As a Tweenangel, you won’t learn Parry’s safety tips, you’ll build your own!

"Stop, Block and Tell" and "Take Five" are two examples of the techniques the Tweenangels are taught and can share with their peers. Introduced by two "Sumo Pandas," these simple but effective lessons illustrate Parry's unique understanding of younger "Internauts" and how she is able to interact with them so effectively.

Screenshot: Stop, Block and Tell
Stop, Block and Tell
Screenshot: Take Five
Take Five

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